Actual business ideas for 2019

Entrepreneurship begins when an interesting and commercially promising idea appears. At the same time, originality in this case is rather a consequence than a required trait. The main thing here is to guess as much as possible the needs that your project will satisfy.

Imagine for yourself: how many could have foreseen the rapid success of social networks? For people to voluntarily post their photos (including intimate photos) to the public – is nonsense! However, this need in society, apparently, has been accumulating for a long time and is now ripe. And Mark Zuckerberg gave consumers what they needed.

In this regard, it seems interesting to try to analyze current business ideas for 2019. In the end, this can help novice entrepreneurs in our country to realize themselves on new, hitherto unexplored horizons.

Project “Working Pensioners”

In the light of the ongoing pension reform (again, of a confiscation nature), the very name of the project is already relevant in itself. The idea of ​​the business is to create an opportunity for people retiring to earn additional income at home.

We are talking about creating a supply and marketing infrastructure, in particular, for the sewing theme. In Europe, and in all post-industrial countries, the trend for vintage items (from wardrobe items) has long been rooted. The formed business can be focused on sales in data (rich countries). And the production of such things can just be “entrusted” to pensioners, with whom contracts will be concluded for:

  • Marketing (sales) services;
  • Supply.

The scheme of work will be implemented as follows:

  • It is required to organize the purchase (collection) of old (dilapidated things);
  • Old items must be dry-cleaned;
  • Then the dilapidated things are sold (this is important!) at a price slightly higher than the cost to the performers of the work (pensioners) for their repair and conversion into high-quality vintage products;

In general, it is assumed that in the future, the performers of the work will independently determine the style and design of the item being created, but at first it is recommended to involve a fashion designer who knows the market for vintage items to suggest ideas to the performers. Of course, the service contract should provide for payment for such services. At the same time, if the help of a consultant is still required, then payment for it is taken from the contractor immediately.

  • After the vintage item is ready, it is accepted from the contractor for consignment (that is, for sale). The business organizer receives a commission (for example, 10%) of the sale price. You can also provide for the purchase of the finished product from the contractor, but then the price should be much lower (say twice as low) than the potential cost of its sale.

Obviously, at this stage, the services of a design consultant are also in high demand, and it is better to involve them under a long-term contract of employment.

The products created in this way will be sold through numerous electronic platforms: eBay; Amazon, etc. In addition, taking into account the standard difficulties that arise with such sites, you should develop your own online site, consistently promoting it on the network.

Project "Working Pensioners"

Let’s analyze the possible difficulties:

  • Our pensioners are extremely distrustful, so the prospect of having to purchase some worn rags, even if for little money, will scare away many. And among those who will be ready for such a scheme of work, there are few who know how to sew. In general, high-quality personnel will have to be sought out and then nurtured.
  • Large online platforms tend to literally “throw” those who work for them for biased reasons (and it’s impossible to achieve justice here!). Therefore, it is necessary to place an unambiguous emphasis on sales through your own Internet resource, and in such a proportion that a sudden departure, for example, from eBay, does not knock down the entire business.
  • The business will require permanent access to the services of a design consultant. In addition, in order to avoid putting up for sale low-quality goods produced by a handicraft method, the presence of professional inspectors is required (in fact, it is required to ensure the possibility of certification of manufactured products).

The obvious benefits here are:

  • This is not to say that investments in this business are minimal. Yes, the business organizer does not need its own equipment – the company is organized according to the principle of an engineering firm, and all required contractors are involved on a contractual basis. But you need to develop and promote your own website.
  • The number of old things in the world goes off scale, so with the right supply, there will be no problems with the resource base.
  • The market for vintage items is growing, as well as the price level on it. You can really make good money here.
  • And finally, this business has a pronounced social orientation: pensioners, one of the most financially unprotected categories of citizens, are involved in the orbit of production activities on comfortable conditions.

Building your own website can cost up to $1,000 (or you can do it yourself using website builder resources). However, website promotion will take a long time and will be expensive. However, the promotion process will coincide with the development of the business itself, so the money will be taken from circulation.

Among the serious problems is the need for specialized specialists – fashion designers, who can both generate interesting ideas for implementation, and competently accept the finished product or send it to the contractor for revision.

Waste Recycling Project

The scandal around the landfill in Kuchino slowly faded away, but the result of the administrative “kick” was the emergence and even the beginning of the implementation of very large-scale projects for … so far sorting garbage. In fact, this is very correct: garbage cannot be burned, as some “hot heads” suggest (dangerous toxins are formed as a result), moreover, it is simply extremely profitable to recycle it using it as a recyclable resource.

The process can be divided into:

  • Waste sorting;
  • Recycling.

The scale with the use of treasury resources is now set precisely in the garbage sorting segment (maybe it is right that this part is taken over by the state). On the other hand, processing is quite affordable for small businesses, however, not for the entire range of raw materials. Opening a new production for remelting metals, perhaps, will be a little expensive for a small business. However, some modest projects can still be named. (It should be clarified that we are talking about the processing of garbage of one kind or another, and not about its collection and sorting):

Remelting plastic bottles

plastic bottle recycling business

Recycling and recycling of plastic can be safely called the most relevant business idea for 2019 in Russia! After all, more than 80% of all household waste is plastic. There are 13 types of plastic in total, so this area of ​​\u200b\u200bactivity will require sorting. However, sorting is mainly by color.

The set of equipment includes a sorting conveyor, washing equipment (where plastic is cleaned of extraneous “adhered” impurities), as well as directly, the melting furnace itself with a cooling bath, where the melt will solidify in water in the form of an endlessly stretching thread. The last stage is the equipment, where the already hardened threads are cut into pellets and packed.

Plastic can be recycled an infinite number of times by simply melting it down.

The output is plastic granules, homogeneous in color (after all, it is by this parameter that they are sorted), suitable for making any plastic products from them. Those are the ones we sell.

Setting up a business will require the purchase of the above range of equipment, with a total cost of $10,000 to $15,000, as well as the involvement of a workforce of up to 20 people (working in shifts). In addition, production facilities with a platform for unloading incoming sorted recyclables and storage facilities will be required.

A clear disadvantage is the dependence of such a business on a monopolist that centrally collects and sorts waste. But a significant plus is the profitability of such products, as well as the possibility of its “superstructure” – additional subsequent organization of production for more in-depth processing of plastic (meaning production with a greater share of added value).

Break glass sorting

Glass recycling business

Recycled glass is a hot topic for primary glass manufacturers. It does not require those additives and components that are needed to melt the original glass – just heat the cullet, wait until it melts and, please, mold new products from it.

The recycling of cullet glass at present, even in industrialized countries, is no more than 20%, and in the Russian Federation, broken glass ends up in remelting in general, in scanty volumes. And there is a niche here that can be filled by numerous small entrepreneurs. Namely: the activity of sorting cullet by color is highly demanded (since with a general sorting by fractions, glass is simply separated from other types of garbage).

The equipment of such an enterprise will actually be a long conveyor belt, where all incoming cullet will be dumped. Next, the workers manually dump glass elements of other colors (except, for example, colorless, transparent options) from the conveyor into the appropriate bins, from where they are taken away to consumer enterprises as they accumulate.

The cost of such equipment generally does not exceed $5,000 (plus, you will need a room, a receiving area and a warehouse complex). It will also require staff – up to 20 people working in 2 shifts. The number of jobs can be increased depending on the scale of the installed conveyor.

The downside of the project is still the dependence on the monopolist-collector and the primary sorter of household waste. But the main advantage here is the possibility of further, deeper processing of the battle. Of course, as funds are accumulated and further investments are made.

Paper recycling

paper recycling business

This type of activity has become possible to safely refer to small business with the appearance on the market of devices for the complex processing of recycled paper. Such a device is a piece of equipment that occupies a space of 12 m² (the dimensions of the machine are 2.6 × 1.2 × 1.8 m.). The conditions that he requires are quite consistent with office ones. This equipment:

  • Does not emit noise;
  • Does not produce any emissions;
  • Does not require water supply (other than initial refueling).

The only thing required is electricity. The productivity of such a machine is 14 sheets of A4 paper for a printer or cardboard sheets per minute (that is, up to 7000 sheets per shift, but the machine can work around the clock!).

There are several advantages to such a business:

  • The machine performs all operations itself, without human intervention – you only need to load the feedstock;
  • A minimum of space is required (perhaps, much more space will be required to form a storage area for incoming raw materials and for a warehouse for finished products than for the machine itself);
  • The machine exploits newly developed technology.

But the main disadvantage here is one – the price. The cost of such a new machine from the developer is from $75,000, which somewhat does not fit the definition of a small business. But to help entrepreneurs corporate bank lending.

It should be noted that the collection of recycled paper in our country is traditionally separated from the collection of household waste. The infrastructure for the separate collection of waste paper has been preserved to this day. So, there is no 100% dependence of an entrepreneur on a centralized monopoly operator for the collection and primary sorting of garbage in this segment (in the sense that there is a really effective alternative).


The business ideas presented here are the most relevant for doing business in Russian conditions, at least in the coming year due to the high public attention to these problems.

And this, in turn, means that such enterprises are less likely to be subject to “raider raids”. (They will simply be afraid to touch them, for fear of becoming the target of a public trial). Plus, these productions are also unique in terms of profitability. Despite the fact that they carry a high useful social value (which prevents them from being captured), such enterprises are also able to bring profit to their creators without additional subsidies!

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