Business ideas for 2022 with minimal investment

The less investment an enterprise requires, the lower the level of risk for the entrepreneur. If at the same time you managed to find an area with a high potential for development and expansion, 50% of the success of your endeavors is already guaranteed. In fact, effective business ideas in 2022 with minimal investment are easy to find. They are available in almost every sector of the market and you just need to choose the most suitable one and adapt it to the real conditions of your region.

TOP 10 relevant ideas for building a business without money

The best way to start a business without capital investment is to use your own knowledge and resources to provide the services you need. It can be based on professional activities or even just personal qualities that distinguish you from other professionals.

Batch online relationship building coach

If you have the gift of persuasion and know how to motivate other people, you can build a business in the field of personal training and family relationships. To start working in this area, you will need to build a certain reputation with potential customers, because no one will just listen to your advice. Best of all, if you can complete the courses and create your own psychology blog.

For such a business to be stable and profitable, services should be provided only in packages. In other words, your task will be to find a client and lead him until a specific result is obtained (establishment of relationships, promotion). One-time consultations should be provided as trial sessions only, as they do not guarantee a positive outcome, which may lead to negative feedback about your work.

Sports instructor for preschool children

Modern parents are ready to give their kids to sports literally from birth, but there are very few offers in this area for preschool children. Most of them are package services for periods from six months to 4-5 years, which are not suitable for everyone. If you are good with children and love sports, you can provide small, paid lessons for individuals or groups.

It is better to start such a small business in the summer, when you can do it in open city areas and parks. This will significantly save start-up costs. After receiving the first profit, you can invest in renting premises in sports complexes, gradually expanding the scope of activities and the number of regular customers.

Non-profit organization

Today it is very popular to take care of nature, socially unprotected people or animals. And despite good intentions, such organizations can and have the right to make a profit. If you are the founder of such a business, you can receive a decent salary for your work, which will later become the basis for opening an already more commercialized enterprise.

The advantage of this format of work is tax relief, the possibility of attracting employees and partial payment for their work through state employment centers. But the main resources for business can be obtained from sponsoring organizations.

To begin with, it is important to find a good idea that will attract the attention of the public. For example, you can open a social enterprise for the employment of single mothers with a free work schedule. In this format, you can produce anything from wool products to eco-bags.

Representative of the assembly of tenants of an apartment building

Each city yard has its own problems, which often drag on for years. Someone needs to renovate the playground, others need to get permission to install speed bumps. Citizens do not always want to solve these problems on their own, and this is a good opportunity to earn money by becoming a representative of the meeting of residents to resolve such issues in various instances.

To find orders, you will need to personally visit several yards and note the existing problems for yourself. Further, it is important to first find ways to solve them and understand the bureaucratic issues. When you know exactly what to do, all that remains is to put up announcements in the appropriate yard that for some payment you will solve their problem in the shortest possible time.

Quests with the mysterious murder of one of the guests

To implement this idea, you need at least three people. One will be the host, the second the victim, and the third the killer in the performance. At the same time, it is important that the participants in the quest do not know that the characters are fake, and therefore the group should be formed from people who are unfamiliar with each other.

For such an event, you will need a small scenario with pre-planned options for branching events. You can conduct the first quest without renting a room and with minimal props. It could be a park, a mall, or even your own apartment.

Organization of quest rooms

Getting rid of unwanted gifts

In every house there is a gift item that is not needed, did not fit, or simply does not like. Sometimes people keep such souvenirs for years, in case they “suddenly come in handy”. You can also offer to receive a small moral and material compensation by creating a specialized service where you can sell, donate, exchange or defiantly liquidate (if the thing was donated by the offender).

To make it more interesting for users to each exposed lot, you can oblige sellers to add a history and several reasons why this item has become unnecessary. Also, clients can offer a choice of not one, but several original options for getting rid of things (for example: “I will sell for $ 10 or give it to a namesake”). Earnings from such a business can be either in the form of commissions from internal transactions, or simply by selling advertising space.

Selling food products by dropshipping

In 2022, you can trade using the dropshipping system not only with clothes and equipment, but also with food. At the same time, since the latter are in constant demand, the once formed client base will allow you to get a stable profit, without the cost of renting a room, buying equipment and obtaining permits. All you need is to create your own online storefront and find suppliers.

Today, a huge list of products can be sold through direct deliveries, which includes: snacks and nuts, fish and seafood, semi-finished products, pasta, canned food, vegetable oils, confectionery, sausages and meat products, drinks and spices.

Search service for copies of things

Many people, especially children, become attached to their things. If they are lost or damaged, they want to return them, or at least find similar ones to replace them. And it’s not always easy to do. If you know how to search, you can get a decent reward for your services.

You can implement such a project by creating a special resource or a thematic group in social networks. At the same time, it is very important that the order of the service is carried out with an advance payment, so that you do not find yourself in a situation where the client changes his mind about buying the right thing. Services can be priced as a flat fee or as a surcharge on the value of the found item.

Writing and calculating business plans

If you have good theoretical knowledge, understand the principles of market research and can calculate any small business from scratch, but cannot choose a direction, one of the options for building your own business will be creating business plans and advising on ways to obtain loans for other entrepreneurs .

This line of business is very popular in Western countries, and is already gaining momentum in the domestic market. Considering that the majority of the able-bodied population of the CIS countries is interested in building their own enterprise, even if they have a permanent job, the demand for such services will only increase. To find your first clients, you can create your own site with examples of work, as well as complete several free advertising orders for your friends.

Studio for creating phonograms

To work with audio files today, it is not necessary to have expensive equipment. It is quite possible to make a high-quality soundtrack in specialized programs on a home PC. Such products will be in demand at the palaces of culture, dance and vocal groups for children, when organizing weddings or celebrations. In this case, you do not even need to look for a buyer.

You can create your own database and sell tracks on your own site, offering downloads for a nominal fee. The more new music you have on your resource, the higher your income will be, which you can later use to open your own full-fledged recording studio.

Organization of a phonogram studio

Ideas for a mini-production with a big future

It is virtually impossible to start serious production without start-up capital, but as you know, any exclusive product can be supplied with a stream over time. Therefore, when choosing business ideas in 2022 with minimal investment in the industrial sector, first of all, pay attention to interesting hand-made business areas .

Tailoring of eco-pillows with non-traditional fillers

In order to sew a pillow, specialized education is not required. But in order for it to be actively sold at a price higher than the store price, you will need a unique natural filler. Its choice depends on which region you live in, since the use of local natural resources will significantly reduce production costs.

So, for example, in the northern regions, you can use pine nut films, which makes the pillow not only very soft, but also very fragrant. You can also use buckwheat husks, fragrant herb hay (sedge, heather, bracken, wormwood, lavender, geranium), straw, vegetable fluff (thistle, willow-herb, cattail). The cost of one such pillow without decor is at least twice as high as that of a conventional synthetic one, but it is more efficient to sell them via the Internet.

Tailoring of original eco-pillows

Wedding decorations made of fabric and dry flowers

The popularity of Provence-style weddings opens up great opportunities for manufacturers of appropriate props and decorations. But the most important advantage of this type of business is the low cost of production and the absence of any standards. The main thing is that the created decorations can survive the photo session and at least one or two days of celebration. Of course, it is important that they be original, neat and as romantic as possible.

At the first stage, you can do everything yourself, borrowing ideas from other craftsmen. However, in order to receive high profits from stable orders, as well as create a recognizable brand, it will be necessary to develop a unique style. The initial cost of materials will not exceed $ 100, while you can buy them gradually, as the technology is developed.

Recycled garden furniture

The main condition for the success of this type of business is accuracy and quality. Recycled materials cost less than new materials, but they must also be suitable for subsequent use in a new format. Garden furniture can be made from car tires, metal or wooden barrels, construction pallets, hay blocks, and even plastic bottles. All this can be used as a base (framework), complemented by an attractive finish.

To get started, you will need a set of manual carpentry tools and about $ 300 to purchase consumables and decorating materials. As you make products, you can put them up for sale on free bulletin boards, gradually raising capital to open a full-fledged workshop.

Repurchase business with small start-up capital

One of the rather profitable and at the same time low-cost types of business is the purchase of raw materials for subsequent packaging and retail resale at a premium. To start a business in this area, it is absolutely not necessary to have specialized equipment or large start-up capital. The main thing is to find a sphere in which at the stage of formation you can do everything on your own.

Peeling business

Shelled and packaged nuts cost several times more than unshelled ones. The approximate output of a walnut is 1 kilogram of kernels from 3 kilograms of nuts in the shell. The wholesale price for an unpeeled nut is $1 per kilogram and up to $6 for kernels. The retail price of the cores can reach $20 per kilogram. Thus, by investing only $100, you can earn at least $300 on top. If you are directly engaged in buying in the villages, the purchase price will be even lower, but in this case it is important to pay increased attention to quality.

You can sell peeled nuts on your own in the market or sell them to stores. They are also actively bought by cafes, restaurants and mini-confectionery shops. You can also find buyers simply through classifieds sites.

Sale of kits for patchwork materials

The manufacture of textile products from scraps of various fabrics is a very popular type of creativity today. However, if earlier craftswomen used waste, today special sets of cuts are purchased for patchwork, selected according to colors or themes. If we recalculate the cost of such kits by the price of a running meter of the materials themselves, it turns out to be much lower in comparison with a ready-made kit.

So, for example, with a width of 80 centimeters, 4 cuts (40×50 centimeters) will come out of 1 meter of material, the cost of which will be only $ 1. A set of 7 such cuts of various colors costs at least $15. Thus, by investing in the purchase of 7 types of materials, 1 meter each $ 7, you will receive 4 patchwork kits worth $ 60. Your main task in such a business will only be the selection of interesting combinations of materials, cutting into cuts, packaging and selling through online boards.

Sale of patchwork kits

The latest services of 2022

To find a fresh idea, it is not necessary to invent something, because the most relevant business is one that is not yet in a particular place and for a particular target audience. If you find one, you can safely open your own business.

Lawn mowing and snow removal by subscription

You can offer similar services to both individuals living in private homes and commercial organizations. To work, you will need a minimum inventory: a lawn mower ($100), a garden vacuum cleaner with a chopper ($70) and a shovel. To perform work, students or laborers can be hired on a piece-rate basis .

The main emphasis in this business format is on a subscription, thanks to which you receive orders for a year in advance, and customers receive timely cleaning of the territory on a given day and hour (for example, twice a week). Additional services can include an emergency call in case of heavy snowfalls, which can also be implemented under the insurance scheme. You can recoup your initial investment by getting just one client, while the cost of a subscription can vary depending on the time the work is completed.

Organization of a snow removal service

pet photographer

Photographing pets is quite complex and at the same time simple task. The main thing is to be able to catch the moment and perform the original processing of photos. For a good frame that can be framed and hung on the wall, animal lovers are willing to pay good money. At the same time, unlike people, you will not need the services of makeup artists, and the models themselves are not so critical of their photographs.

The competition in this area is much lower, and it is easier to find clients and get the first experience. All you need to get started is a SLR camera and a set of business cards. With this, you can go to an open exhibition of animals and take pictures of everyone you like, along the way handing out your business cards to the owners for later transfer of photos. You can provide trial shots for free in digital form, offering an individual photo session.

You can also upload previews of the most successful photos to a shared hosting and offer your customers high quality printouts. After developing a portfolio and client base, you can create your own representative website and even open a full-fledged photo studio .

Love confessions by laser projector

Considering quick business ideas in 2022 with minimal investment, you should not ignore options using specialized equipment. So, for example, you can buy a programmable laser projector to create an image and transfer it to a distance of 200 meters for only $200. You will also need a small amount of advertising costs (ads, promotion in social networks).

The very principle of the service is quite simple – to convince the client that writing a confession on asphalt with paint is not relevant and is equated with an administrative violation. It is much more effective to create a suitable inscription or even animation with a color laser. With a service cost of only $10 per hour, you will be able to reach self-sufficiency after the 20th client. If you offer services for shops or celebrations, earnings will be even higher.

Infographic Creation Studio

One of the most effective tools of modern marketing is infographics (visual mini instructions). It is used everywhere from public transport to business presentations. You can implement such a business project in two formats:

  1. Individual development . In this case, you will need a talented designer (or rather a team), with payment for the work done. Your task is to find customers and create interesting promotional materials for them in infographic format.
  2. Online constructor . To work in this format, you will need about $ 1,500 to develop and promote the service, as well as one designer to update the set of templates. Attracting customers can be done through limited free features, and income from the sale of paid modules. To save money at the first stage, you can use layouts and photos from free stocks, selling them already in the constructor format for at least $ 1 each.

Leisure park for dogs

In recent years, dog owners have faced the problem of a ban on walking in city parks and squares. The public is very concerned about the safety of children, as well as the reluctance of animal lovers to clean up after their pets. This opens up great prospects for a business in the field of arranging territories for free range, because at least once every few days, four-legged human friends need intensive training.

The implementation of such a project will require the lease of a land plot within the city or on the outskirts, as well as fencing, lighting and the creation of a natural obstacle course (hills, green spaces, slides, improvised tunnels). Two employees can handle the work of the park: for cleaning the territory and monitoring visitors. If you supplement such a park with a small kiosk with soft drinks for the owners and goods for animals, your business can become even more profitable. Payment for such services can be implemented in two formats – for each visit or urgent subscriptions.

Organization of a recreation park for dogs

Luggage storage on public beaches

You can start your own business in this direction with only $250. That’s how much a storage room for 24 cells costs. If you buy used, it will be even cheaper. However, it is important to understand that cabinets like in ordinary supermarkets will not be suitable for such an enterprise, since they most often have the same type of locks with universal keys, which can lead to theft of property and your business will lose the trust of customers.

You can install such a safe not only on the popular sea coast, but also on the local river or lake, where there are many vacationers. Earnings depend on the scale of the place and can range from 50 to 100 rubles per day per visitor. This means that in a day you will receive about 2400 rubles from one safe. If customers change frequently during the day, the income will be even higher. Thus, you can recoup your investment in a week.

The presented business ideas of 2022 with minimal investment for the most part are not fundamentally new activities, but they can be a good basis for you to create your own concept. It should also be understood that a proven and familiar to the consumer type of activity, filed in a new format, as a rule, becomes the key to the success of the future enterprise, allowing you to take into account the experience and mistakes of predecessors.

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