Business plan for a fishing store

A fishing store, despite the high level of competition in this sales area, can become a profitable business with a budget of one million rubles. Fishing is becoming an increasingly popular hobby, which means that the demand for tackle is growing. Amateurs and professional fishermen are ready to spend money on their favorite pastime and buy quality fishing equipment.

According to the data, the market of fishing goods is increasing every year by 20% and in our country its volume is one billion dollars. This is facilitated by the development of fish farms, clubs and communities of interest.

Business Pros:

  • the demand for the direction among the target audience with different income levels;
  • the possibility of opening in almost any locality – there are fishermen in every Russian region;
  • stability of demand with no seasonality – in the warm period, tackle is sold for summer fishing, in winter – for ice fishing;
  • a wide range of fishing products;
  • a large number of suppliers of tackle and equipment.


  • fullness of the given sphere of the market by participants;
  • long-term return on investment with a low margin of 80-100%;
  • the presence of certain knowledge and experience – without them, opening a fishing store is quite risky.

How to open a fishing goods store – a step-by-step business plan

To avoid mistakes when opening a store, you need to stick to a business plan.

How to open a fishing store

The sequence of steps will include:

  1. Assessment of the market for demand and supply of competitors;
  2. Selection of a suitable premises for a retail outlet and its preparation;
  3. Purchase of the necessary equipment and product range;
  4. Business registration with registration of permits;
  5. staffing;
  6. Conducting an advertising campaign;
  7. Calculations of required investments and profitability;
  8. Accounting for possible business risks.


Demand and competition analysis

The first thing to do is to study the state of the domestic market for the preferences of the target audience and the number of closest competitors, their assortment and prices. For these purposes, you can personally visit the points of sale of fishing goods or see the information of interest on the store’s website.

At the same stage, you need to designate your target audience, which can be amateur fishermen and professionals with experience of different ages and income levels, mainly working men aged 25-60 as the most solvent audience. Oriented price category – medium.

Search and repair of suitable premises

The second stage is connected with the search for the location of the future store. For accommodation, the central and residential areas of the city with developed infrastructure and high pedestrian traffic, first line houses, streets near public transport stops, retail outlets, metro, car markets and markets are suitable.

Search and repair of suitable premises

Required area 30-80 sq. m. with several zones: a warehouse, a main hall for the sale of fishing goods and a department of related tourist products: shoes and clothing, boats, tents, etc.

Preparation of the premises will include cosmetic repairs with painting the walls in soothing colors and finishing the floor, window dressing and signage at the entrance.


Purchase of commercial equipment

The stage under consideration involves the purchase of the necessary equipment and furniture. The assortment of the store is quite diverse, which needs to be demonstrated to customers in a profitable way.

For laying out fishing goods you will need:

  • racks, cabinets and shelves – 80 thousand rubles;
  • counters with a showcase – 16 thousand rubles;
  • racks for fishing rods and spinning rods – 20 thousand rubles;
  • cold chambers and containers for live bait – 20 thousand rubles.

For the checkout area you will need:

  • cash register and POS-terminal for cashless payments – 26 thousand rubles;
  • computer with software – 25 thousand rubles;
  • chairs for staff – 3 thousand rubles;
  • burglar alarm – 13 thousand rubles;

203 thousand rubles should be allocated for this item of expenditure.

Creating an assortment of goods for a fishing store

At this stage, it is necessary to form an assortment list of goods sold and decide on suppliers. These include wholesale online stores, foreign and Russian suppliers, including local manufacturers. It is better to buy bait, bait and other products with a short shelf life and weight from the latter. It is recommended to cooperate with several suppliers to prevent supply disruption and other risks in future work.

Creating an assortment of goods for a fishing store

When creating an assortment, they start from the price segment, the margin and the size of the store. It is worth focusing on the predominance of the main product group of popular brands in the low and medium price category with a small amount of premium Japanese and European products.

The range should include:

  • stands for rods with and without a signaling device;
  • fishing rods;
  • fly and match rods: Bolognese;

Accessories for spinning fishing:

  • spinning rods;
    – bombards;
    – spinners;
    – wobblers;
    – soft baits;
    – jigs;
    – eared weights;
  • Hooks
    – offset with a double bend of the forearm;
    – tees;
    – single beardless and with a beard, with a mustache, etc .;
    – double;
    • Coils and lubricants for them.
    • Floats of various shapes and sizes.
    • Feeders:
    — rods and tips for the feeder;
    – feeders;
    • Fishing line:
    — fluorocarbon;
    – monofilament;
    – braided cords;
    • Other equipment and accessories:
    — weights;
    – clockwork rings;
    – bite alarms;
    – fasteners, etc.
    • Fishing equipment:
    — grips for fish;
    — cages from various materials;
    – balance beams and ice axes for winter fishing;
    – boxes for gear;
    • Bait:
    — feed and mixtures;
    – flavors;
    – plasticine;
    • Goods for tourism:
    — tents;
    – rubber boats;
    – backpacks;
    – overalls, hats and shoes, etc.
    • Related products:
    — fishery magazines;
    – reference books, etc.

The wider and more diverse the assortment, the larger the circle of customers, and hence the revenue. Each angler has different preferences regarding fishing equipment, so it is important to satisfy the interests of all customers. 500-700 thousand rubles should be spent on the formation of the assortment.

Registration of permits

A business selling goods for fishing must be registered as an individual entrepreneur with a store area of ​​\u200b\u200bup to 80 square meters. m. or LLC for large sizes. For the first option, you need to submit the following package of documents to the tax office: a passport with a copy of all pages and a TIN, an application in the form P21001 and on the transition to a special tax regime, a receipt for the paid state duty of 800 rubles.

Registration of permits

For the second option – the decision to open a company with the minutes of the meeting of the founders, their notarized copies of passports, the charter of the LLC, the application form P11001 and the transition to a taxable regime, a receipt for payment of the state fee of 4 thousand rubles.

The specified OKVED code in both cases is 52.48.23 on retail trade in fishing accessories, sporting goods, equipment for tourism, boats and bicycles. You do not need to obtain a license, but you will need permission from

Fire and Rospotrebnadzor for compliance of the premises with the requirements of sanitary and fire safety standards.


For shift work in the store, two male salespeople who are knowledgeable in fishing should be hired, able to professionally advise each customer and keep the conversation going. You will also need a cleaning lady, an accountant and a marketer on an outsourcing basis, a contract with a security company to ensure the security of the outlet.

Advertising campaign

Since a fishing goods store sells very specific products, it is important to properly influence potential customers. First of all, this is a competent location and design of the point itself, outdoor advertising: an expressive signboard, banners and pillars, announcements in elevators and on transport.

Other effective promotion channels: a store website with photos of fishing accessories, angler groups in social networks, message boards and thematic forums, word of mouth. To make yourself known, you can participate in sponsorship events and city sport fishing competitions, post informational articles in magazines and newspapers. The more tools to attract the target audience will be used, the better.

How much to invest at the start

On average, it will take at least a million rubles to open a store selling fishing goods. The starting amount will depend on the location and area of ​​the point, the breadth of the assortment and the size of the settlement.

Registration of permits

Approximate investments are shown in the table:

No. p / pItem of expensesSum
oneObtaining permits10 thousand rubles
2Purchase of furniture and equipment203 thousand rubles
3Purchase of the first batch of goods700 thousand rubles
fourRent and preparation of retail space100 thousand rubles
5Marketing and advertising campaign90 thousand rubles
Total:1 million 103 thousand rubles

Fixed costs will be: payment of utilities, taxes and rent, payment of salaries and replenishment of the product range, advertising.

Profitability calculation

When calculating profitability, they take into account the forecast revenue and the amount of initial costs. Let’s say that the store earns 9 thousand rubles per day. when serving 15 customers with an average bill of 600 rubles. Then for the month the total profit will be 270 thousand rubles. or 80 thousand rubles. net income. The investment will pay off after 13 months of work, and the profitability will reach 14%.

Business risks

Business risks

In the end, it is worth mentioning the possible risks for the business of fishing goods. These include:

  • The growth of competition, which can be overcome through the diversity of the range, its quality at affordable prices;
  • Overstocking of products that are not in demand, which lie “dead weight” for a long time. To avoid the situation, you need to periodically review the ratings of fishing equipment and buy the most popular of them;
  • Low attendance of the point associated with an incorrectly chosen location or insufficient advertising activity. The situation will be corrected by additional marketing activities and tools.

To avoid the listed risks and other problems, it is necessary to constantly analyze the pricing and marketing policy, the product range and the activities of the store as a whole, timely implement measures to stimulate sales and strengthen market positions. Only in this case it is possible to build a successful business.

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