Business plan for tailoring underwear

Tailoring underwear with a competent approach can become a profitable business with a good payback and a small initial investment. Women treat the choice of this item of clothing with special trepidation and willingly buy custom-made underwear, regardless of the season.

The relevance of the direction is also due to the fact that each representative of the fair sex has individual features of the figure, which do not always allow them to fit into the standards of the dimensional grid of the clothing industry. By ordering a set of underwear in accordance with her size and wishes, a woman gets what she needs.

Features of the tailoring business, what you need to know and be able to

Tailoring of women’s underwear as a business has its own characteristics. Firstly, the lesson requires knowledge of the basics of design. You can learn how to independently build models and work on ready-made patterns using video tutorials on the Internet, on the websites of sewing clubs, and thematic print publications. Having basic sewing skills, there will be no difficulties with this.

Features of the tailoring business, what you need to know and be able to

Secondly, you will need a workplace and at least a minimum set of equipment, high-quality fabrics and consumables. The technological process will consist of the development of patterns, cutting and tailoring of products, their processing.
Thirdly, it will be necessary to form an assortment of products. It can be difficult to come up with something of your own at first, so novice fashion designers can borrow ideas from the Internet, adding their own “zest” and fitting the model to the tastes of customers.

How to start a lingerie business

The implementation of a business idea should be carefully planned by analyzing this market niche, working out organizational issues and financial issues, and possible risks. It will be necessary to find start-up capital from own or borrowed funds or other sources.

To organize tailoring at home, you will need to allocate a separate room with bright lighting from daylight and zonal electricity, furnish it with sewing equipment and furniture so that frequently used items are at hand, and purchase everything you need.

For equipment, you can adapt an ordinary desk, for consumables and finished products – drawers or shelves in a closet. Also, at the initial stage, it is worth deciding the points related to sales: to whom, how and where to sell finished products.

How to start a lingerie business

Market and trend analysis

Before opening a business, it is necessary to monitor the market in order to find out which price category and type of underwear is more in demand among women of different ages. It is important to follow fashion trends and novelties in order to always be in trend and sew current models.

In addition, you should understand the varieties and categories of linen. It can be casual, festive, erotic, etc.

For individual elements, in addition to panties and bras, there are:

  • negligee in the form of a light dress, used as an alternative to a nightgown and pajamas;
  • a combination as an auxiliary element that provides a better fit for outerwear;
  • bodysuit, which is a tight-fitting one-piece set of a T-shirt and the bottom of panties or shorts;
  • teddy, reminiscent of a closed lace swimsuit;
  • bandeau in the form of a fabric ribbon tied around the chest;
  • bodice and corset with slimming effect, forming a slender silhouette.

New market entrants would be better off making three or four of the most sought-after models: bodysuits, corsets, bras, and panties. To order, you can also sew swimwear, plus size lingerie, peignoirs.

Procurement of equipment and fabric

For the production of underwear, you will need to purchase an electromechanical sewing machine, an overlock for sewing products from elastic fabrics with a sewing machine or a carpet. Functional models cost 20-40 thousand rubles, but working on such units with unchanged settings is much more convenient than constantly reconfiguring one inexpensive machine with a limited number of stitches.

You will also need a cutting table, an ironing board and an iron with a steamer, tailor’s scissors, a marking gun, a centimeter tape, accessories, fabrics and decorative items. When choosing the latter, you should give preference to specialized offline and online stores that offer everything you need to make underwear. Materials must be strong, high-quality, wear-resistant. Bulk purchase of fabrics and consumables will allow you to save money.

Profitable contracts can be concluded at exhibitions of manufacturing companies.
As a basis for tailoring, fabrics with natural, synthetic or artificial fibers can be used. The main thing is that they are environmentally friendly and safe for health, pleasant to the body and comfortable to wear, elastic. Budget materials for linen include: knitwear, lyocell, bamboo, cooler, interlock. For more expensive ones: silk, satin, cotton, guipure, micromodal.

It is worth thinking about beautiful packaging for the finished product. It can be a box with your own logo, a stylish paper bag, colored wrapping paper, etc.

Purchase of equipment and fabric for underwear

Tailoring of the first models

It is better to start sewing underwear with basic colors that are simple to make, and introduce bright non-standard models after the formation of a circle of first customers. At the initial stages, you can use ready-made bra and panty patterns taken from the Internet. The webbing is sewn along the contour of the bodice or used on the straps.

Bones are bought in large metal ones, the excess is removed with wire cutters, and the edge is sealed. Cups are chosen with or without a push-up effect, or they are made independently from linen foam rubber 3-6 mm thick. The clasp is bought ready-made or corset footage. Frames for straps are taken in the same size: for removable straps – 4 hooks and 2 frames per set, for non-removable straps – 4 frames or 2 with two rings. A variety of assortment is given with the help of decorative accessories: brooches, rhinestones, ribbons, fabric flowers and other details.

Creating a portfolio with high-quality photos

After several sets of underwear are sewn, you should start creating a portfolio with photographs of finished products. This is a kind of catalog of your work for presentation to potential customers.

Portfolio photos should be of high quality, clear and compositionally competent. You need to take photos from different angles. It is better to choose a background that is monophonic, not merging with the product, but highlighting it. There are also special photophones in different colors and textures.

Creating a portfolio with high-quality photos of underwear

To demonstrate underwear, it is desirable to use mannequins or models. This will allow customers to evaluate the fit of the product and imagine it for themselves. For the portfolio, select only the most successful “selling” photos, edited if necessary.

Where and how to sell

Handmade products are always highly valued, so there will be no problems with sales.

The main thing is to properly advertise the product. The first clients will be people from the immediate environment who will advise you to their colleagues, neighbors and friends:

  • Friends and acquaintances will appreciate the first models and point out the shortcomings, if any. The option is relevant for 2-5 weeks from launch. The more people in your social circle learn about the business, the faster word of mouth will work.
  • Groups in social networks – pages in Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook using free ones: content promotion, reposting and paid tools: contextual and targeted advertising, ads, etc. You can add product catalogs to the VK group, accept payments to e-wallets or bank cards , communicate with customers.
  • At specialized sites like the “Fair of Masters”, where handicrafts are promoted. Such platforms allow you to work with regular customers through the form of an individual order, conduct master classes, are suitable for blogging and promoting a personal brand on the Internet. Among them: Maecenas, Avito, Lambada market, ArtFire and others

In the future, you can create your own website or online store, sell underwear through a wholesale and retail network, departments of elite women’s underwear.

Registration of documents and permits

Business must be registered as self-employment or individual entrepreneur. LLC is useful only for large-scale activities. To register an individual entrepreneur, you will need to submit to the Tax Inspectorate a copy of the passport with the original, a receipt for payment of the state fee, a copy of the TIN certificate of an individual and an application in the form P21001.


A suitable OKVED classifier code is 14.14 for sewing underwear, the taxation system is the simplified tax system at a rate of 6% on income or 15% on the difference between income and expenses.

You will also need to open a current account with the Bank, obtain permission from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station and the Fire Supervision for the premises. If you wish, you can pass a voluntary certification of goods for compliance with quality.

How much to invest at the start

The initial investment depends on the quantity and cost of equipment, purchased material and consumables. For a modest production of basic linen of the budget category at home, 20 thousand rubles are enough. provided you have a sewing machine.

To equip a mini-studio with several types of equipment, the amount will be more:

No p / pExpenditure partSum
oneBuying an overlock sewing machine20 thousand rubles
2Purchasing a cutting knife and marking tool4 thousand 800 rubles
3Procurement of fabrics and consumables26 thousand rubles
fourPromotion, business registration and other expenses16 thousand rubles
Total:66 thousand 800 rubles.

This will be enough to start a business. You can buy additional equipment as needed. In the future, you may need an end ruler, an automatic device for attaching straps, a flooring carriage, flat seam and measuring and rejection machines, dummies. It is advisable to make investments in development with an established stable sales.

Calculator and money

How much can you earn

The cost of finished products depends on the complexity of manufacturing, fabric and market prices in a particular region. When pricing, you need to correctly calculate the cost of the product, taking into account all costs. Revenue should compensate them and bring income.

The average prices for underwear are as follows:

  •  knitwear set – 2 thousand 500 rubles;
  • a set of natural silk – 8 thousand rubles;
  • lace bra – 2 thousand rubles;
  • strapless balconette bra – 6 thousand rubles;
  • lace panties – 1 thousand rubles;
  • swimsuit – 3 thousand 500 rubles;
  • corset – 4 thousand rubles;
  • negligee -1 thousand 500 rubles;
  • go-go suit – 5 thousand rubles.

Individual orders cost more. The price of some models reaches 300% in comparison with serial linen products. The expected profit is about 90 thousand rubles, the profitability of the business is 50%.

Possible business problems and risks

The main difficulty in the tailoring business is finding the first customers and building a permanent base. In this case, friends, neighbors and acquaintances will come to the rescue, who will be in the ranks of the “pioneers”. Thanks to them, word of mouth will work and other buyers will appear.

Other risks include:

  • falling incomes of the population;
  • increase in the cost of the product;
  • competition from similar ateliers, manufacturers of inexpensive linen and shops.
Business risks

The quality and originality of products, affordable prices, custom-made work, loyalty to customers: small gifts in the form of souvenirs for purchase, discounts for regular customers, etc. will help to minimize the risks.

Tailoring of women’s underwear as a business will become successful and profitable with the following components: high quality of the product, individuality and active promotion. You don’t need much to get started: basic sewing skills, a little capital and desire.

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