Business plan interior design studio

Own design studio is a relevant idea for a business with a small investment and a quick payback. Opening a studio is not difficult, especially for experienced freelancers with experience in the design field. In addition, the demand for services by the end consumer and the high cost of finished design projects allows you to receive a decent stable income all year round, regardless of external factors.

How to open a design studio – step by step plan

Despite the significant advantages, the interior business also carries some negative points, which can be avoided by a well-defined business plan. Step-by-step planning will provide detailed guidance on the organizational processes necessary to implement the idea, from market monitoring and selection of the direction of work, and ending with paperwork, arrangement of the premises, marketing, financial calculations and profitability assessment.

How to open a design studio


The more extensive the stock of knowledge in this area of ​​a novice entrepreneur, the faster he will achieve the desired result in his work.

You need to decide what categories of customers you will work with: economy, business or premium class. Both the range of services and the formation of the supplier base will depend on this.

The provided set of services may include all their varieties in the field of exterior and interior design:

  • professional consultation with the departure of the designer to the object;
  • interior design services;
  • preparation of terms of reference, measurements with photo fixation;
  • formation of the concept and style solution of the project;
  • planning, visualization and creation of a sketch of the premises;
  • redevelopment;
  • development of working documentation;
  • decoration set;
  • author’s control and construction management;
  • artistic design of interior items, furniture elements, accessories;
  • creation and sale of design works: paintings, lamps, furniture, etc.

The customer can involve a designer only for certain types of work or order a complete turnkey package. Therefore, each stage of the project is drawn up in a separate contract.

So that the business plan does not fail at the very beginning, special attention should be paid to the analysis of the internal market. This will help in the formation of the target audience and the price list of services.

Demand and competition analysis

At the moment, there is no monopolist in the design segment of the market with an extensive franchise network in Russia, so the owner of a design studio has every chance to become a leader in his city and region. The demand for these services is growing every year due to the availability of building materials. Almost everyone can take advantage of professional help in arranging a house or apartment. Clients are private and commercial persons, everyone who plans to repair or build, having an average income and above.

Demand and competition analysis

The competition is represented by numerous freelance designers, architectural and design companies with a similar list of services.

To attract customers, you will need competitive advantages, including:

  • convenient studio location and work schedule;
  • built-in working system with the possibility of ordering each service separately;
  • competence of designers;
  • availability of exhibition samples, portfolio, recommendations;
  • own website with a description of services, pictures of completed projects, contacts;
  • established partnerships with contractors;
  • individual approach and loyalty to customers.


Search and repair of a suitable office space

To organize a design studio, you need a suitable room located in the central part of the city with high pedestrian traffic and developed infrastructure, parking spaces and convenient approaches. The area of ​​the premises is selected based on the number of employees. So, one employee should have at least 3.5 square meters. m., and the waiting area for customers should be six or more square meters. m.

Of course, the renovation at the design studio must be appropriate, made in the same style with the original elements of the solution. This will be a kind of your face and business card, so try to do everything with taste. Office rent depends on the specific locality and location and averages 15-40 thousand rubles. per month.

Registration of permits

The most attractive option for setting up a business on design repairs will be an LLC with the prospect of development and cooperation with commercial organizations. OKVED classifier code – 74.10 for specialized activities in the field of design, taxable base – USN with a deduction of 6% of income. The form provides for the presence of two or more founders, the charter of the company and the authorized capital of at least 10 thousand rubles, opening a current account with the Bank.

Registration of permits

You can also register an individual entrepreneur when providing interior design services for residential premises that are subject to the patent taxation system. To do this, just contact the tax service by writing an application in the form P21001, providing a passport, TIN and a receipt for payment of state duty.
A license to operate a design studio is not required, but you will need to obtain permission from Rospotrebnadzor and the fire inspectorate.


The staff of a small design studio mainly consists of two or three designers of different areas of work and a person of a related specialty who performs related tasks and deals with marketing:

  • leading designer;
  • Graphic Designer;
  • manager.

The accountant is outsourced. You can take control.

Creation of a website and groups in social networks

A prerequisite for a successful business is the creation of your own website, which allows you to visually show your professionalism, increase the company’s reputation in the eyes of the target audience and interact with customers. In addition to information content, photos and a feedback form, the site can be supplemented with thematic articles on design, which will simplify its SEO promotion in terms of client inflow.

Creation of a website and groups in social networks

The cost of a good resource starts from 35 thousand rubles, not counting SEO and SMM services, in which you need to invest 10-25 thousand rubles.
Another promotional resource will be social networks: VK, Instagram, Odnoklassniki. In the group, you can post photos of the best projects of the design studio, tips and articles on the topic, information on current / future promotions and discounts, contacts, customer reviews. You can create a page yourself, and specialized online offices will help in terms of promotion.

Portfolio creation

Without a portfolio of work with high-quality photographs, potential clients simply will not perceive you as a specialist. Each of them should be watermarked to indicate intellectual property.

You can also post a finished portfolio on free design and architecture sites, such as Inmyroom or In the same place, post author’s publications, communicate with other designers and follow the main trends in the design field.

Advertising campaign

In addition to the above methods of Internet promotion, it is worth using other advertising tools.

Advertising campaign design studio


  • interaction with the media through the publication of articles and notes in thematic magazines, newspaper ads;
  • participation in conferences and specialized exhibitions of studios;
  • outdoor advertising in the form of a bright signboard, pavement signs and banners;
  • distribution of business cards through hardware stores;
  • announcements in the elevator and on transport;
  • “word of mouth”.

The latter option, combined with positive feedback from real customers, is the most active advertising channel. Nothing confirms professionalism in work like the appreciation of grateful customers.

How much to invest at the start


The amount of initial investment consists of the following items of expenditure:

No. p / pArticle titleSum
oneRegistration of a business with obtaining permits10 thousand rubles
2Rental and renovation of premises130 thousand rubles
3Purchase of furniture and equipment with software300 thousand rubles
fourAdvertising and marketing100 thousand rubles
5Site creation100 thousand rubles
6Installation of a sign50 thousand rubles
Total:690 thousand rubles

The total amount is approximate and may be different depending on the location of the studio, the rented area, the amount of equipment, advertising campaign, etc.

Profitability calculations

The profit of the design studio comes from two sources: from customers who pay for services at a price list, and from suppliers in the form of providing wholesale discounts of 10-20%. The Studio has the right to dispose of this discount at its own discretion, sharing it with the client or receiving the entire amount as a reward.

The average prices for services are as follows:

  • Designer consultation – 3 thousand rubles. in an hour;
  • Express project of the premises – from 600 rubles. per square meter;
  • Planning solutions – from 600 rubles. per square meter;
  • Full design project – from 2 thousand rubles. per square meter;
  • Architectural supervision – 900 rubles. in an hour.

Usually one designer is able to work out up to 150 square meters. m. of area per month at an average cost of 1 thousand rubles. Consequently, the monthly income from the work of one designer will be 150 thousand rubles, two – 300 thousand rubles, three – 450 thousand rubles, which will recoup the investment in 6-7 months of work, and the profitability will reach 40%.

Business risks

Business risks

The main risks for the interior business will be:

  1. Irregularity of demand and profit when it is necessary to pay current expenses on an ongoing basis. For these purposes, it is recommended to form a reserve fund from deductions of a certain percentage of revenue on a monthly basis.
  2. An increase in purchase prices by suppliers, which can reduce the demand for the picking service and leave the entrepreneur without agency fees. The way out is cooperation on favorable terms with new suppliers.
  3. Copyright infringement by third parties due to the use of your photographs of works without the knowledge of the owner. To minimize the risk, you should apply a watermark to every picture posted on the Internet.
  4. Filing claims to the court by dissatisfied clients in case of errors in the working documentation or delays in the completion of the object. Reducing the risk will allow the involvement of lawyers to draw up contracts.
  5. Unscrupulous contractors doing their job poorly. To protect the rights of customers and their own interests, it is necessary to conclude such agreements with the contractor, in which the actions of each participant are strictly regulated.

As you can see, most risks can be prevented or reduced. The profitability of the business is high, there are development prospects, so your own design studio is a really attractive line of business for people who are versed in this field.

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