How can you earn money in 2022

Examples of the implementation of successful ideas that have turned into multi-million dollar fortunes are widely known. Not only the end of the 19th and 20th centuries were rich in new ideas that allowed enterprising people to become successful and rich. The beginning of this century is no less rich in opportunities to turn an idea into real money, on which you can make money in 2018. These ideas have become, for the most part, not material, but virtual. Most of the methods are related to high technologies, computer science, the Internet, and investments.

Is it possible to earn outside the company?

Previously lucrative crafts that provided a stable income for generations have been replaced by industrial production everywhere. The ideas of farming and small business do not take root in Russia. The overwhelming majority of demanded services require significant investments and fierce competition. They have long payback periods and are not immune from the risk of losses due to currency fluctuations or economic crises.

A clear example is a widespread closure or decline in sales in boutiques that have mushroomed in a period of relative economic stability and have lost relevance following a decrease in the purchasing power of the population.

Oversaturation of the market with certain types of services leads to the massive ruin of small entrepreneurs who have invested in starting their own business, from being squeezed out by network monopolists. This is what happens with the pharmacy chain, gas stations, convenience stores and catering establishments in large and medium-sized settlements.

An analysis of the market dynamics allows us to conclude that the most successful and profitable is high-tech or intellectual activity that requires minimal investment and gives maximum return with a minimum of labor costs. But this does not mean that there are not enough ways to earn money in 2018. Some types of earnings are available even to those who are poorly versed in modern information technologies and are used to relying on their own physical strength and have some kind of talent.

Before making money

Widespread computerization has placed a person in a narrow framework of freedom of action. Any of his actions to one degree or another is controlled by various state bodies. Tax authorities and funds are especially zealous in introducing total control, designed to ensure the collection of money from the population for the functioning of the state apparatus.

That is why, no matter what the newly-minted entrepreneur is going to do, no matter what innovative idea he is going to bring to life, the gray figures of the tax inspector and the clerk from the pension fund will inevitably appear on his way.

Attempts to get around them without declaring income, or without registering individual entrepreneurship, take any kind of earnings into the shadows. They force a person who wants to earn money to come into conflict with the law. Therefore, you should always remember that any type of income, with rare exceptions, requires registration of an individual entrepreneur. This automatically makes life harder:

  • There is an obligation for annual financial reporting;
  • Payment of taxes and contributions to numerous funds;
  • An individual entrepreneur is liable with all his property for debt obligations that may arise in connection with the implementation of commercial activities.

The last one is the most annoying. Debts on mandatory payments or a loan not repaid on time can result in the arrest and seizure of the debtor’s property. You should think many times before taking loans to develop a business idea that promises mountains of gold.

The basis of any business is a business plan. If you have the skills to draw up such a document, and all the positions and forecasts set out in it come true, then the chance to make money increases many times over. If a person who wants to earn money is not able to draw up such a document, it is better not to take on the overwhelming burden of entrepreneurship.

Freelance – lifesaver

Starting a serious company or developing a business related to the production of material products is not for everyone. Therefore, most of those who want to have an accompanying main source of income try their hand at remote earnings using modern Internet technologies.

Most types of additional income, which under certain conditions can become the main one, do not require any investments at all or the required amount is not significant. That is why almost every user of the world wide web makes attempts to earn money with only a computer and unlimited access to the Internet.

The most popular among the types of remote earnings are:

  • Forex or similar exchanges where you can trade foreign exchange, precious metals, futures, stocks or bonds ;
  • Copywriting and rewriting , translations from foreign languages ​​and services for SEO optimization of texts;
  • Participation in partnership programs of large retail chains interested in attracting additional customers and intensifying sales volumes;
  • Creation and promotion of sites, writing programs for computers;
  • blogging;
  • Dropshipping.

Of the listed types of remote earnings, only exchange trading and dropshipping require financial investments. The level of earnings that a freelancer can count on by choosing one or another type of activity is completely different.


The most profitable is the game on the stock exchange. At the same time, this type of income is also the most risky. The essence of exchange trading is the buying and selling of foreign currencies, which have a constantly changing rate relative to other national currencies. Having bought a certain amount of foreign currency on the exchange at a lower price, the exchange player expects that within a certain time its rate will change, and he will be able to sell the available currency at a better price, thereby making a profit.

This type of remote earnings is convenient because the player’s workplace can be any computer or even a smartphone with an Internet connection. The downside is the need to invest your own or borrowed funds to buy currency. This is a highly risky activity, which directly depends on a number of factors:

  • international environment;
  • Indices indicating fluctuations in the exchange rate;
  • Proficiency in technical and fundamental analysis;
  • Ability to learn;
  • Certain intuition.

Exchange trading platforms present to beginners:

  • Free education;
  • Open demo accounts where a neophyte can hone his skills in currency trading;
  • Computer programs (free, shareware and paid) that allow you to automate the bidding process based on algorithms developed by specialists;
  • Services of experienced traders who, for a commission fee, carry out trades using investors’ funds on a trust basis.

Experienced traders, thanks to Forex, have passive income, many times higher than the average salary in the Russian Federation.


A very popular type of remote earnings, which consists in writing texts to order. The demand for this activity is due to the abundance of sites, the owners of which need constant filling and updating of content. Not all people have a talent for writing meaningful text. Even popular bloggers order most of their texts that bring them income from copywriters.

The convenience of this type of earnings lies in the fact that it can be successfully combined with any other work. Upon reaching high ratings on one of the copywriting exchanges and earning a permanent clientele, a copywriter can make this type of income the main one. The income from this type of activity is not high. It rarely exceeds $500-600 per month. But it is stable, does not require investment at all, tends to grow along with the improvement of skills and style of writing.

A simplified version is rewriting – processing of finished texts in order to give them originality. This work is available to everyone who wrote the presentation at the school. There are several large exchanges that unite copywriters on similar terms. Customers provide orders for them, and performers, depending on their professional rating, have the opportunity to fulfill them, sharing part of the earned funds with the exchange.

Partnership programs

The essence of affiliate programs is the promotion and advertising of the product of a store or brand. In essence, a user registered as an affiliate acts as an advertising agent, heavily advertising and offering one or another product for purchase. The remuneration is made up of the number of completed transactions, which will be concluded by the buyer who went to the online store using the link provided by the partner.

The percentage of remuneration is usually not high. Considering affiliate programs as the main income is not solid. But it can serve as some help for Internet users who actively communicate on social networks and have a large number of subscribers.

The commission earned by the partner is transferred to his e-wallet and is not taxed. In order to earn money in this way, registration of IP is not required.

Creation and promotion of sites, writing programs for computers

The general computer literacy of today’s young people is not a guarantee that, having decided to create their own website, they will not face the inability to fully satisfy their needs by using one of the templates that are provided free of charge. To emphasize individuality and attract readers, a catchy design is required, convenient well-thought-out navigation, the inclusion of protection mechanisms in the site, work with payment systems and many other features that are attractive to users. Not everyone can afford to set up and maintain a website on their own.

The demand for the services of developers, designers and site operators allows people with the appropriate education and practical skills to earn money remotely. Website developers in search of work, just like copywriters, turn to the services of numerous exchanges for freelancers. Applications of consumers-customers are published on them.


A relatively new type of income that allows you to combine your hobby with a commercial activity. Blogs are extremely popular:

  • Travelers who describe their wanderings in various parts of the world rich in exotic natural wonders;
  • Regulars of restaurants publishing reports on visiting establishments with unusual national cuisine;
  • Gamers who describe their impressions about games, heroes, tricks of passing levels;
  • Animal lovers.

Almost any owner of a dog or cat, parrot or aquarium fish can share their observations of the pet with other lovers. Organize communities, place ads and banners on blogs and have a constant passive income.


Outwardly similar to affiliate programs, activities that do not require cash investments, but generate income. This is a kind of virtual online store that sells goods provided by a partner. The difference lies in the fact that in the affiliate program, the buyer orders the goods in the store itself by clicking on the link provided by the partner, and in dropshipping, the entrepreneur independently orders the goods in the store and resells it to the buyer. In this case, the goods do not enter the possession of the drop shipper. He acts as an intermediary, making a profit from the number of sales.

This type of quick and easy money is extremely popular among the owners of one-page sites that advertise and sell one product or a limited group of products. The vast majority of Chinese-made goods that virtual entrepreneurs re-order on the Chinese trading exchanges Aliexpress, Taobao and the like.

Real earnings off the Internet

Almost all people in the process of life and learning receive and improve their skills. Some reach real heights in this. Their professional skills are realized in the main place of work or become the basis for the development of medium-sized businesses. Most people improve their skills and abilities as part of a hobby.

Not everyone thinks that the vast majority of hobbies can be monetized – turn skills into real income. True, unlike virtual types of earnings, all types of material activities will require registration as an individual entrepreneur and the mandatory payment of taxes from their activities.

Lists-ratings of the most popular types of earnings that do not require material investments or require a minimum investment of up to 50,000 rubles are periodically published on the Internet. Usually this TOP looks like this:

  • Trade in goods purchased on Chinese exchanges at retail;
  • Organization of holidays, animation, fireworks;
  • Provision of hairdressing services;
  • Nail service, make-up, pedicure;
  • Rendering services of a wedding, festive, ritual photographer / videographer;
  • Provision of services of a tutor , nanny, housewife;
  • Walking and training pets;
  • Tailoring for animals, making accessories;
  • Grooming and overexposure of animals (hotels for animals);
  • Ritual services for the burial of animals;
  • Repair work of small household appliances, computers, office equipment;
  • Services for the repair of premises, vehicles, bathroom furniture;
  • Construction of houses and utility rooms, arrangement of wells;
  • Growing vegetables, fruits, mushrooms for sale;
  • Cooking delicious desserts at home;
  • Small-scale farming in the village with the sale of farm products through a trading network and public catering establishments.

The list of activities on which you can make money in 2018 can be endless. Any material activity can bring income with the right formulation and purposefulness.

It is not always profitable to engage in a particular activity as the main source of income. The cultivation of mushrooms also requires the lease of large premises, hired labor. Purchase of consumables and mycelium, rent of retail space for sale. If the de volume of grown products fluctuates between 200-500 kilograms per season, then it is not advisable to develop infrastructure. She will never recover the cost. This does not mean refraining from such activities.

In small-scale production, it is necessary to look for like-minded people, organize in cooperatives or look for stable customers interested in the production of high-quality, environmentally friendly products.

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