Installing air conditioners as a business

Installing air conditioners is a fairly simple and profitable service business. Today, air conditioning has ceased to be a luxury item: in the summer heat they are indispensable, so they are installed in almost all offices, as well as in many houses and apartments.

But even if your client has already bought and installed an air conditioner, he will need regular inspection, because from time to time any equipment breaks down or does not work well. With air conditioners and split systems, this happens due to the destruction of the compressor, the sticking of the destruction of mechanical components, etc. So, you can earn extra money on service. We will analyze all the nuances of this business.

The general concept of the business on the installation of air conditioners

The advantage of the business is that you do not need to rent an expensive office, because the installation of air conditioners involves field work. If you wish, you can completely do without an office or rent something inexpensive for personal meetings with customers. 10-15 square meters will be enough for you, plus a small warehouse for storing the necessary materials and tools.

The general concept of the business on the installation of air conditioners

Installing air conditioners is not the most difficult process, but it requires certain knowledge and experience. As a rule, installation takes about 4 hours; this requires two masters.

There are standard and non-standard installation methods. Simplified, the process includes five steps:

  1. Installation of an outdoor unit, which is aligned vertically and horizontally and fixed at a certain distance from the wall.
  2. Installation of the indoor unit, to which the electrical wiring is connected with the machine.
  3. Laying communications – for this, holes are made in the wall with a puncher.
  4. In parallel, the freon pipeline is being installed. The number of bends in the pipe should be reduced to a minimum.
  5. Removal of moisture from pipes, connection, testing and adjustment.


Analysis of demand and offers of competitors

In most regions, there are already many companies offering air conditioning installation, maintenance and related services. Try to avoid direct competition and try to clearly articulate your benefits to customers.

Analysis of demand and offers of competitors

Think about your positioning – will you offer only the installation of air conditioners, or will you prefer to launch a general repair company, including repair services for other household appliances. The advantages of this format are obvious: greater coverage of the target audience, a great opportunity to launch word of mouth.

In any case, when drawing up a business plan, it is necessary to take into account not only direct competitors, but also similar general companies. Also keep in mind that the installation of air conditioners is a seasonal business, which is relevant mainly in the warm season. From late autumn to mid-spring, there will be no orders, or there will be very few of them. During such periods, it is easier for a diversified company to survive.

But in general, analysts are optimistic about this market: the number of installed air conditioners and split systems is growing steadily every year. Most likely, this trend will continue in the future. So this business can be considered relevant and potentially profitable, especially in the southern regions. The only downsides are seasonality and high competition.

Required documents for official business

Typically, a project is registered as an individual entrepreneur with a simplified taxation system (USN Income at a rate of 6% of revenue). Immediately upon registration of an individual entrepreneur (in the tax office, at the State Services or the MFC), submit a notification of the transition to the simplified tax system. In extreme cases, this can be done within a month.

Required documents for official business

The main OKVED code during registration is 43.22 – “Performance of sanitary works, installation of heating systems and air conditioning systems.” Additional codes may be required.

You do not need to obtain a license, but if you plan to repair climate equipment, you need a permit from an SRO (self-regulatory organization). To do this, you need to apply for membership in the SRO, confirm the competence of employees, pay an entrance fee.

What equipment is required for the installation and repair of air conditioners

The basis of any installation work is the quality of the equipment, so this item of expenditure is definitely not worth saving.

equipment for installation and repair of air conditioners

Here is an approximate list of the necessary equipment and tools for the repair of air conditioners and their installation:

  • industrial vacuum cleaner/vacuum pump;
  • wall chaser and diamond-coated discs;
  • pipe cutter and other pipe tools;
  • perforator and accessories;
  • mop;
  • leak detector;
  • rolling equipment;
  • propane-oxygen torch and solder;
  • tools for connecting electricity.

Equipment that bends the pipes may also be required. Estimated cost of tools – 50,000 – 100,000 rubles (depending on whether you choose a domestic manufacturer or foreign brands).

Personnel and competencies

Staffing example:

  • supervisor;
  • installers (at least two people);
  • driver;
  • accountant (outsourced);
  • Sales Manager;
  • marketer (if necessary).

Advertising and marketing

The marketing plan depends on whether you will be targeting individuals or companies. In any case, you will need your own website and social networks. Set up contextual and targeted advertising. You can use mobile advertising on the car.

Advertising and marketing


For private clients, you can use standard promotion methods: outdoor advertising, distribution of flyers and business cards, advertising in elevators. You need to start a promotion campaign in advance. Think of a marketing plan for at least a year ahead and adjust it if necessary.

How much to invest at the start

Let’s calculate approximately the starting costs for this business (in rubles):

  • purchase of equipment: 50,000 – 100,000;
  • office rent: from 15,000;
  • advertising: from 20,000;
  • business registration: from 5,000.

Total – at least 90,000 rubles.

Also, consider fixed costs: office rent and utility bills, payroll, travel expenses, utility bills, taxes, and contingencies.

Business Profitability

Installing an air conditioner will cost from 2,000 to 7,000 rubles, depending on the region, floor, design features. Service – from 2000 rubles.

During the day, a group of two workers can make 2-3 trips and earn an average of about 5,000 rubles. But such a high load is possible only in the warm season. In this case, the monthly revenue for 1 team can reach 150,000 rubles. The customer buys materials himself or pays separately.

In a good scenario, you will be able to recoup your initial investment in the business within the first month of operation. The real term is usually 2-3 months, since a new company usually does not have many customers in the first months.

Business risks

Business risks

The main risks of this business:

  • seasonality, lack of customers during the cold season. Open a business in April-May and think in advance what you will do after September;
  • high competition. Identify your benefits and think about how to convey this information to potential customers;
  • problems with finding qualified personnel.

The business of installing air conditioners and their maintenance does not require large start-up costs, is quite simple to organize and can bring high profits in the warm season. In large cities, air conditioners are already in many apartments and offices, but they require regular maintenance, refilling with freon and repair. In addition, your services may be required in new buildings and newly opened offices.

There is great growth potential for this market in the regions as more people install split systems and air conditioners. Despite the competition, you will be able to receive a stable income during the high season, but for this you need to soberly assess the current market situation and find your competitive advantages.

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