Phone repair point business plan with calculations

Phone repair is a highly demanded area of ​​the consumer services market. As you know, equipment tends to break down, no matter how expensive it is, and buying a new one is not always possible and expedient. There is only one way out – to hand over the gadget for repair.
Starting a phone repair business is easy. The main thing is to be able to understand the technology or hire an employee who understands how to do it. An analysis of its strengths and weaknesses will help evaluate the idea.

Pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Phone Repair Points
  • Low capital investment at the start;
  • No need to pass inspections and obtain certificates;
  • Flexibility of the business, allowing to expand the working area through the repair of various equipment and the provision of additional services;
  • Constancy of demand and independence from the seasonality factor;
  • Ability to start “from scratch” in almost any locality;
  • Minimal risks and losses upon closing;
  • Payback after several months of work6;
  • Small monthly income
  • High competition;
  • The presence of certain knowledge and skills.

Smartphone repair shop step by step business plan

Before you start repairing smartphones, you will need to draw up a clear business plan with a study of related organizational issues: monitoring market demand and competition, finding a suitable location and premises for a point, equipping the workshop with the necessary equipment and materials, hiring staff and paperwork, accurate financial calculations of planned costs and profit, assessment of possible problems and risks.

Step by step business plan

The plan also needs to provide a list of services offered, which are divided into:

  1. Physical repair services with replacement of spare parts of the device and repair of components;
  2. Services of software-block repair without direct physical intervention in the “stuffing” of the gadget, for example, installing programs, cleaning garbage, reinstalling the system, etc.

Repair shop services may include:

  • phone diagnostics to identify hidden problems;
  • replacement of internal components and body elements;
  • applying a protective film and glass to the screen;
  • device setup and software;
  • restoring the functionality of the gadget after a fall or liquid getting into it;
  • departure of the master to the address of the client for inspection and repair of equipment.

To determine the set of services will allow market research on the level of demand and the fullness of the niche.

Demand and competition analysis

Due to the not entirely favorable economic situation in the country, the demand of the population for this business area has only increased. People are increasingly turning to service centers for help, rather than running to buy a new gadget to replace the failed one. But the competition here is quite high. Therefore, before opening, you should study the target audience, the number of similar points in a particular city, the range of services offered and prices.

It is worth focusing on the circle of clients with low or medium incomes, students, pensioners. The location and format of the workshop will depend on the result of the study.

Search for a location and premises for a workshop

The correct location of the point is the key to a successful business. Among the priority areas for placement are: central city streets or residential areas with good pedestrian traffic, shopping, entertainment and business centers, places near shops, educational institutions, public transport stops, railway stations, metro and markets.

workshop space

The required area of ​​the premises is 10-30 square meters. m. with a division into a working technical area and a reception area with an administrator’s seat. The first will house a workshop and a warehouse for consumables, spare parts, and tools. In the second – a counter for customer service and a corner with the placement of permits, price lists, service rules, a book of complaints and suggestions.

The workshop must have good lighting and other communications, ventilation and high-speed Internet, equipment grounding. The cost of renting such a room in the city center will cost 25-30 thousand rubles, in a residential area – 10-15 thousand rubles.

What equipment is required

To operate a phone repair shop, you will need the following equipment.

Equipment and furniture:

  • racks or shelves for equipment and tools – 6 thousand rubles;
  • counter for receiving orders – 4 thousand rubles;
  • work table and chairs – 8 thousand rubles;
  • laptop – 20 thousand rubles;
  • table lamp – 1 thousand rubles.


  • power supply – 2 thousand 600 rubles;
  • soldering station – 4 thousand rubles;
  • digital oscilloscope – 7 thousand 500 rubles;
  • ultrasonic bath – 2 thousand 400 rubles;
  • vacuum tweezers – 1 thousand 500 rubles;
  • a set of tools for disassembling and assembling telephones and other tools, depending on the type of service – 6 thousand rubles.

On average, the purchase of basic equipment will need to spend 63 thousand rubles. You can save on this expense item by buying used equipment and furniture.

Dealing with suppliers of spare parts

Dealing with suppliers of spare parts

The stock of consumables, as well as spare parts, will need to be replenished constantly: liquids for cleaning boards, solder and flux. Therefore, supply issues should be given special attention. Most often, old-style devices break down and for their repair it is necessary to have a permanent Russian or foreign supplier.

On the Internet you can find comprehensive information about all suppliers. Now it has become profitable to buy spare parts from Chinese manufacturers. They are inexpensive, compact, and lightweight, and their shipping is “not too expensive.” But you need to choose a reliable proven supplier in order to establish long-term cooperation with him.

It is better to negotiate with two or three companies to ensure the disruption of delivery and the timeliness of the order. You will have to spend at least 10 thousand rubles on the purchase of parts. monthly.


Another organizational issue that the future entrepreneur has to solve is hiring staff. In the first months of work, employees may not be hired, especially if you yourself understand the nuances of repairs. But for the point of work without holidays and weekends, it makes sense to keep a couple of people or at least one shift. Much here depends on the size of the settlement and the flow of customers to the workshop.

At the same time, when hiring staff, you should think about concluding a liability agreement with the employee, according to which the employee repairing the gadget will be responsible for it. Among the professional qualities presented to candidates are understanding of technology, repair skills, accuracy, communication skills. As motivation – bonuses depending on the number of completed orders.

A cleaner can be hired part-time, bookkeeping can be done online, administrative functions can be taken over.

Registration of documents and permits

Phone repair business must be registered. The simplest option is the registration of IP.


To do this, you will need to provide the following package of documents to the tax office:

  • a copy of the passport with the original;
  • a copy of the TIN;
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • application form P21001;
  • notification of the transition to the taxation system (it is optimal to stop at

STS with a deduction of 6% of total income or 15% of net profit).
The specified code according to the all-Russian OKVED classifier, taking into account the latest changes, is 95.12.

A business license is not required, but you will need to conclude a lease agreement for the premises, as well as obtain permission from Rospotrebnadzor and the fire service after checking the premises for compliance with the established requirements.

How much to invest at the start

This line of business does not require significant initial investment. A telephone repair shop can be opened by anyone who has a starting capital of 100-150 thousand rubles.

No. p / pItem of expensesInvested amount
oneRental and preparation of premises25 thousand rubles
2Procurement of equipment, tools and consumables63 thousand rubles
3Business registration and unexpected costs15 thousand rubles
fourAdvertising campaign15 thousand rubles
Total:118 thousand rubles

The total amount depends on the specific locality, the location of the point, the list of services provided, the cost of equipment.
In addition to one-time injections, it is necessary to provide for monthly expenses for utility bills, rent, advertising, wages, taxes.

Calculator and money

How much can you earn

The predicted profit consists of several components: the location of the workshop, the number and complexity of orders, the cost of services. In total, the number of clients served reaches 5-7 people per day with an average bill of 600 rubles.

Therefore, you can expect an income of 90-105 thousand rubles per month. when working seven days a week and 66-77 thousand rubles. when working with two days off per week. With such indicators, the workshop will pay for itself in six months of work. The figures are taken as minimal, in densely populated cities the daily attendance reaches 15-20 people.

The sale of related products will allow you to receive additional income: protective glasses and films, covers, etc. Advertising will help to attract as large a client audience as possible: distribution of business cards and leaflets, announcements on transport and in the elevator, an informative sign at the entrance and pillars, social networks, a one-page website with a description of services and contacts, electronic bulletin boards and word of mouth.

Possible business problems and risks

The phone repair business has its own pitfalls and risks. Frequently occurring ones include:

  • high competition, which will help to cope with high-quality services in combination with adequate prices, discounts for students and pensioners, bonuses for renting an old phone;
  • a decrease in demand, which will be overcome by active advertising, an increase in the level of service, an expansion of the list of services, a flexible pricing policy and customer loyalty;
  • breakdown of an expensive device during repair or its theft, which will be prevented by the employee’s liability, advanced training of the master, the corresponding clause in the client’s contract, storage of valuable items in a safe and a video surveillance system.
Business risks

Thus, in addition to the advantages of this business, there are some disadvantages. And repairing only phones, you should not expect huge profits. Meanwhile, for beginners, this is a good start with minimal risks and investments, ease of launch, quick payback and growth prospects. Therefore, smartphone repair should be considered as a direction of small business for those who understand this, want to earn and develop.

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